Credit Hire

Road traffic accidents are not pleasant in any shape or form.  We sincerely hope that all parties involved have not suffered irreplaceable losses.

Credit hire is a service which many organisations are not providing to the best of their abilities, nor are they educating the parties involved on what their rights are.  We aim to change that by being ethical, upfront and sincere.

Our specialty is in providing replacement vehicles on credit to people involved in non-fault road traffic accidents.  If you lose the use of your car through no fault of your own, then we can get you back into the driving seat of a similar replacement vehicle within 4 hours.  Our in-house management staff will do our very best to make sure you do not have added complications that can arise from road traffic accident claims.

The negligent party required to put the innocent party back into the position it was in prior to the accident.

The replacement vehicle is provided on credit terms, usually referred to as ‘Credit Hire’.  The period of rental will be determined by the time it will take to establish liability, repair your vehicle or final settlement in ‘written-off’ cases.

The vehicle we provide will be of a like-for-like or similar status to your damaged vehicle.